Believing in Your Imagination Makes Anything Possible
  So how do you believe anything is possible?  How do you see opportunity instead of risk?  How do you[...]
Transform Around, Through, Underneath or Over the Top
Transformation literally means going without form. I have always thought that the Grand Canyon is such an excellent example of[...]
When I have one of those days
It's turning out to be a bad day, a day when the sun feels like teeth.   - Jennifer Egan[...]
Winter-Sorrowful, Spring Is Coming
Last week I went to my birth fathers funeral.  He died of complications of dementia.  I hadn't seen him in[...]
Your Only Limit Is You
Lack of forgiveness causes almost all of our self-sabotaging behavior.   - Mark Victor Hansen When I first read this[...]
Be Empowered To Choose A New Path
Open your heart to new adventures.   - Unknown Finding yourself, who you truly are under all of the masks[...]

Passion & Purpose

Passion is the fire that lights the way to purpose. It is the root system of our tree of life. The human soul on fire is the most powerful force on earth. Purpose is the reason you are on this journey of life. It is the foliage and fruit of your tree, how you express yourself in the world.

Hero’s Journey

Hero’s take journeys deep within to discover the hidden treasures of themselves. In exploring the labyrinth of ourselves we uncover our own deeper powers, and approach the edges of our own glory. The journey always changes you, whether or not you know it or want it to.

Personal Genius

There are over 40 different kinds of hammers. Personal Genius is discovering what kind of “hammer” you were designed to be. However ...if you want to uncover what your personal genius is, you need to discover what kind of hammer you were designed to be.


When you take action in your life it brings up your personal shadows to keep you from changing. Learning how to improvise ...enables you to identify the changing chameleon of fear. shake off the fear and see the beauty ...of what you are capable of doing and being.

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