In South Dakota the ‪#‎Cheyenne_River_Sioux‬ reservation has the statistics of a third world nation. 90% unemployment rate; average life expectancy of 48 yrs old. Only 30% of the children graduate high school. Some of the schools two years ago had no textbooks.

The ‪#‎Lakota‬ people have the wealth of their culture, but their lives are unraveling because of the extreme poverty. Hawkwing, Rochelle’s nonprofit seeks to keep the wealth of the Lakota culture alive and address the severe poverty. And by keeping the culture alive, we will benefit because as a society many of us have the wealth of material things, but we have forgotten how to live in balance with our Mother Earth. 

Rochelle was named ‪#‎CNN_Top_Ten_Hero‬ for her honoring of the Native American community, helping the people.

Since 1998 she has been running ‪#‎Hawkwing‬, a nonprofit that collects donations for the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in South Dakota. She has collected and delivered $9 million worth of goods and services to the Lakota people in the past 17 years. They have a food pantry, medical and dental clinics, they support a greenhouse and organic gardens, and help every summer in repairing homes.

The women at St. James church in Glastonbury, CT work all year knitting scarves, gloves, and blankets which are donated to Hawkwing.

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Hawkwing website:  http://www.hawkwing.org/#!what-we-do/cj7s

Sheryl Silbaugh

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