The Way To Be Happy

British essayist Erich Heller observed, “Be careful how you interpret the world; it is like that.”

According to Dr. Wade the way to be happy is:

1. Absorb yourself in your work, friends, family relationships and outside interests. Move your focus outside. Become absorbed in what you’re doing. Remind yourself what you are trying to achieve. And if you don’t have personal goals – dreams with deadlines – set some.

2. See yourself as in control of your destiny. We all have problems and setbacks, but things only begin to turn around when you take ownership of your situation. Then you can begin to move forward.

3. Focus on what’s right with your life. This is a tall order in some cases. Many of us are dealing with unfortunate economic or personal circumstances. Still, you can’t wallow in it. Accept that the past is past. Forgive any transgressors, not for their sake but for yours. Start imagining how things could improve. This is the predisposition to action.

4. Gratitude. Take a moment each day to recall three things that happened that day that you can be grateful for. It could be a problem that you resolved, an unexpected call from a friend, a smile from someone you love, or just enjoying the stars in the night sky.

So in summary, be interested in others; set goals to achieve your dreams; take ownership of where you are and where you want to go – you are in control, even if you’re abdicating it; be grateful for what is, release the past and improve your future.

Sheryl Silbaugh

I am married with 4 grown children who are all married and currently have 14 grandchildren and two great granddaughters. I work fulltime as a Director at Bank of America and I am the founder of, which is a website and Facebook page dedicated to personal transformation and growth. We all have life's lemons show up in our life, this website helps us to make them into lemonade.