Resistance – Here There Be Dragons
As fellow travelers on the road of transformation, we here at LemonadeMakers have been checking our course against our mission,[...]
Life’s Storms Compose the Music of Our Souls
  Keep Going No Matter how bad things are right now No Matter how stuck you feel No Matter how[...]
Create a Ripple of Inspiration and Meaning In Your Life
No matter how happy someone may seem, they have moments when they question if they can go on.  No matter[...]
Believing in Your Imagination Makes Anything Possible
  So how do you believe anything is possible?  How do you see opportunity instead of risk?  How do you[...]
Transform Around, Through, Underneath or Over the Top
Transformation literally means going without form. I have always thought that the Grand Canyon is such an excellent example of[...]
When I have one of those days
It's turning out to be a bad day, a day when the sun feels like teeth.   - Jennifer Egan[...]

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