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Bullying is never right or funny. I love her responses. She has quite a story to tell about her life. I would love to meet her as she seems to be an amazing woman. I only hope that I could respond like her if this was ever done to me.

A comedian went on TV and viciously insulted a fellow comedian. Here’s her eloquent response.

Wake Up Video

Here is the sneak peak of my friends Natalie Ledwell’s show – Wake Up!
Great guests, conscious conversation and real women who open up about what is important.
So excited!

Meet the hosts and guests of Wake Up! Starting May 9th 8am on POP! And proud to be the first show to roll off the Crowded Reality platform onto broadcast television!

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Think about what would happen if we all talked to one coffee shop and asked if they would set up a “pending coffee” tab for their store, and then we just took some time each visit to ask the person in front or behind us if they knew about the pending coffee tab at this coffee shop.

How many people could this small act of kindness impact?


World changing


There truly is nothing that has ever gotten in my way during this journey so far, other than myself. I am living in this space of knowing that anything is possible, and that LemonadeMakers is a world changing idea whose time has come.

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Very soon the website will be launched. I have grown a following of close to 1,000 men and women, and everyone that I talk to about LemonadeMakers gets very excited about the wonderful things that we will be doing. The plan is to grow the site to help the nonprofits and when we reach several success stories to begin marketing our reality T.V. show.

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If you don’t build your own dream, someone else will hire you to help build theirs.” (Tony Gaskins Jr. and Farrah Gray are both credited with this quote.)

This is so true and what most of us are stuck in, building everyone’s dreams but our own.

Many years ago when my kids were in the range of grade school and Jr High School, I was working for a mortgage company in the Seattle area. One day the boss had all of us in an emergency meeting. Walking around the room, he spoke about how he felt that the year we were in was going to be a very good year for mortgages, but that the following year would see a downturn in our industry.

Getting more excited as he walked around us, he stated that he was mandating mandatory overtime on weekends. It was critically important he said, that he make as much money as he could that year. The important thing was that he wanted a new Porsche. He felt that next year he wouldn’t be able to afford to buy one, so it had to happen this year.

Needless to say, this didn’t go over very well with his staff, as we were all looking at him like “what did he just say?”. I was floored that he would be so bold as to tell us that the sole reason why we should be working overtime (when we were paid a salary and not hourly) was for his personal gain. He wasn’t too happy when I told him, that he could fire me if he wanted, but I was not going to be working every weekend – mandatory or not.

Most of us started working in order to fulfill our dreams. The reality is though, that this isn’t what happens. We get caught up in the day to day grind of getting a paycheck that always seems to fall short of what we think we need to fulfill those dreams. So the dreams get put into the “someday” pile that becomes buried and becomes the forgotten pile.

For me, I had the dream of writing bestselling books. I would read the mystery, the science fiction/fantasy book or the self help book and think, “I could write this”. But I was always so busy working, taking care of the house and children, that I thought, “well, as soon as the kids are gone, then I will write.” The kids are all gone, and other than the LemonadeMakers blog and Facebook, my writing the Great American Novel or even the smaller mystery book still isn’t happening.

My dream got put on hold, and I can’t seem to take it off – I think that the Staples “easy” button isn’t working right – who do you call to get if fixed?.

Farah Gray has another quote “You are confined only by the walls you build yourself.” This quote got me thinking about how it was never that I didn’t have the time. Because if that was all that it was, I would have written those books that we all know that I have in me. It was and always has been about the self confidence to put myself naked on the page. It has always been about fear of not being good enough, of failing and being a flop. About what if people picked my stories apart and ridiculed me?

I had built the walls myself that separated me from achieving my dreams, that separated me from even trying to do so. I still have a box of stories started but never completed. Well I am getting ready to tear down those walls of separation.

Through a series of events, I have been getting the message loud and clear, that I need to get out the pen and paper and start writing. I am going to follow the advice of Steve Jobs, “don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice.” It is past the time to pour my soul out onto the paper. The worst that can happen is that you throw the paper in the trash.

It would be great if some of you were brave enough to join me as a demolition crew and tear down the walls that we have been hiding behind. What dreams do you have hidden behind a wall? Is it time to start tearing down your walls too?


The wolf howls at the moon, not out of loneliness,
As he knows he is one with the universe.
He howls out of gratitude to be a member of the pack.

He remembers those he has traveled with in past lives,
He sees those he is traveling with again.
He rejoices in his vast community of souls, knowing that he is truly never alone.

The great spirit has honored the wolf with a voice that sings out in the darkness.
He honors the great spirit by singing to us, “Do not be afraid, for you are not alone”
“I am here, and I remember you even if you have forgotten”.

Like the wolf I sing out to you, through my words on a page I say,
“I remember you, for we have traveled together before.”
I honor you that you have come again to do the great work before us.

Call out together with me as we gather our relatives that have forgotten their purpose.
Call to their minds our scared agreement to meet at this time and place.
Whisper to them of the great love we have for each other and their hearts will remember.

Gather around as we the bridge of knowledge and understanding.
This bridge will unite all peoples together in love
This bridge is shifting our world into a new age of unity, love and trust.

We are one,
One love, I love us
One trust, I trust us,
I honor our sacred agreements, I am here.

Dream Big

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Dreams come preloaded with a guidance system. They know the fastest way to bring themselves into reality.

They also come with more than one path. I say this, because the fastest way is “as the crow flies,” which means it is usually the harder path to take. Most of us would prefer the shortcut, the Staples “Easy” button.

It might be that we are not confident of our ability to take that harder path. I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan. When Frodo and Samwise go forward on the journey alone, they are definitely taking that hard path. I always thought that if the Eagles could rescue them at the end when the lava was coming to kill them, why couldn’t they have dropped them off at the mouth of the cave?

The reason of course is that Frodo and Samwise needed to learn many things to enable them to win over the power of the ring and truly destroy it. Without those lessons, the ring would have won.

So it is with us. The harder path will teach us what we need to win through to the dream and be able to handle the changes that accomplishing the dream will make in our lives. If we take the easy path, the shortcut, then we may not gain the strength of character that has been tested and forged in the fire. Without this, our ultimate dream may not make it into reality.

So even when the dream points us in a direction that we think is too difficult—that we don’t think we possess the courage or skills to make happen—it is in our ultimate best interest to pull up our big girl/boy panties and go for it. I always tell myself that if the Divine gave me this dream, then He also must have given me the skills needed to bring it to fruition. So follow the breadcrumbs, and storm the castle!





Truth – there really ARE good people out there.

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Mark Twain once said, “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.”

So how do we learn to worry less? It is really about surrendering to the experience of worry in order to transform the worry into a higher vibration of positive energy.

When we worry, we have these internal arguments that seem to be about “something bad” is going to happen. Someone who has an illness is going to die; I am going to lose my job; my spouse doesn’t love me anymore; the list is endless.

Some are major worries and some are minor.They do however all have something in common. No amount of worry will change the situation. Worry stresses the body and accompishes nothing positive.

So what can we do about “worries”? For example, if a loved one is going to the store and will be about 20 minutes, at 21 minutes I might have them dying in a car accident. I might think that I am worrying about their safety

What I really need to do is to go beneath that unconscious trigger and determine what my worry is really about. How would I go about doing that? The first thing to do is to notice that you are worried. Let go of the worry and enter into a state of wonder in your mind.

Wonder is asking questions that you are curious about. I would ask myself, “I wonder what new positive thing is trying to come into being?” Instead of arguing with the worry, transform the vibration from negative to neutral. A neutral, natural curiosity vibration of “I wonder why” I am worried about he/she taking longer at the store than they thought.

Feeling deeply into my body, I would,focus on the feeling of worry and where the worry is coming from. From the lower root chakra of safety and survival? From the heart chakra of how much I love this person? See if the body can express what it feels into words. Don’t try to force it or make something up. Simply notice and stay with the feeling, as it continues to run like a computer search program in the background. Either now or later it will express itself into words. I find that at night when I am dreaming, I will get the answer in my dreams. I believe this is because my conscious mind isn’t blocking or aruging with the answer.

Once this feeling has a context to it beyond just worry, take that feeling back in time to when you felt just like this feeling. Keep tracing the feeling back to a time where it wasn’t labled and identified as a particular emotion, just a feeling that you didn’t really understand. That is where that feeling was born, before you really understood the concept and labled it. Maybe it was a feeling of abandonment.

Once you identify this feeling, work with DYBO and recognize, release and restore yourself to let go of the low vibrational feeling from your body. DYBO is a BraveHeart Women program that helps us to move stuck emotions. In this case the stuck emotion that is triggering your worry. You learn to dance your buts off – not the butt you sit on, but the buts you live with. Worry is one of those buts that we live with. I am amazed at the amount of transformation it has made in my life. Let me know if you want more information about it!


Struggle in life is what happens when we resist the life lesson. When we fear or hate the changes occurring in our life, we become so powerless that all we can do is struggle. We think that we can force life to go in the direction that we want to go, we believe in the illusion that we are in fact in control. We have this tendency to get anxious when life “isn’t going our way”, and we start creating all of these fearful possibilities of what will happen, if we don’t get control of the situation. But all that anxiety does is serve fear – it doesn’t really solve or fix anything, it has no real answers to give us.

As an illustration, when you get caught in a rip tide, it pulls you out towards the sea. The common reaction is to resist the rip tide and swim against the powerful current and get back to shore. All that happens is that you wear yourself out, and if you don’t quit fighting the current, it can cost you your life. Conversely, if you do not struggle and let the tide take you, you will find that it will run its course and release you, and then you can safely swim back to the shore. You may be a lot further down the coast than where you started, but you are still alive to tell the story.

Sometimes a wrong decision, or lack of decision creates a rip tide in our life. Rather than defend our decision, (swim against the current) we need to recognize our part in creating the situation. Did we ignore or not pay attention to the warning signs on the beach for the rip tide current? Did we think that we are a strong enough swimmer that we can safely navigate the rip tide? Did we think that we could swim along the border of the rip tide and not get caught up in it?

Remember the truth sets you free. Look truthfully for the signs that you didn’t recognize or ignored. See where you should have turned aside and went down a different path. Acknowledge your own part in creating the situation you now find yourself in. Let go of false control and exchange the current condition of stress and strife and as the saying says “go with the flow”.

Surrender the sense of powerlessness and realize that in each moment we have the power to make a different choice. You may not like or love the selections, but if you take a few moments and start from a creative frame of mind, you may just find the perfect choice that heads you back to shore. Once you are back on the beach, you can begin to make new choices to either get you back to where you went off track or just create a new path from where you are now. The choices are always there. Just remember to surrender to truth and freedom.