The Full Cycle of Transformation

“Are you ready to be Stronger, Braver, Kinder & Unstoppable?”

Here’s Your Next Step…

The Full Cycle of Transformation

A LemonadeMakers Workshop

You presently have 3 choices:

  1. You can wait until you are forced into transformation with a crisis that sends you into the heroes journey…
  2. You can refuse to transform and experience crisis after crisis…

Or you can…

3. Learn how to initiate Transformation and fulfill your divine destiny.

The choice should seem clear to you now. The only question remaining is…


Are you ready to be a fierce fighter for your dreams?

5 Part Webinar Series on: The Full Cycle of Transformation…

Months 1-2

Personal Transformation webinar “How to get off the roller coaster of change and experience real life transformation”. We wake up to the fact that we have been living our life on autopilot. We awaken the desire to transform.

Months 3-4

Passion and Purpose – We get clarity of mind, our passion lights our soul on fire, and we start asking the powerful questions sends us on a quest to seek the truth.

Months 5-6

The Heroes Journey – We travel down into the abyss and recover the dreams that we let die. We realize that although we are damaged, we survived and that makes us dangerous. Why? Because now we know how we can not only survive, we know we can heal and become whole again.

Months 7-8

Personal Genius – The turning point when we really hear our souls voice for the first time and realize our full potential to put a fence around all limitations and unleash our full imagination and potential.

Months 9-10

Taking Action ( Improvise, Adapt, Overcome) – your why for being here (purpose), added to the belief that you can do this (heroes journey), and deserve this (personal genius) = the motivation that reflects back to us, “what else is possible?” This is when courage steps in and we learn what it means to take real action


  • Come meet and celebrate with all of the participants the marvelous journey of self transformation that we have been on
  • Meet those who are just beginning their journey to self transformation
  • Meet special guest speakers

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