New Year, New You

Challenges come into your life every year, but 2020 had been more challenging than normal.

2021 is just around the corner.

Now is the time to take stock of your life.

Join us on January 3rd and Embrace Change.

This is the moment to Dream Big.

This is the time to Commit on a whole new level.

This is the time to rethink what is important in your life in this moment.  The beginning of a new year opens a door of opportunity.  The exhilaration of daring to create something new and powerful.

Every holiday season you hear all the advertisements from merchants, gyms, etc…  selling their wares and memberships:

  • Hurry!  The time is now!
  • Sale ends tonight!
  • You are going to miss out!

They are designed to create fear(s) in your life.  Aren’t you tired of that sinking-in-the-pit-of-your-stomach feeling created by feeling that you lack something, or that you are in danger of missing out?

That is not how you want to start 2021.

  • How about the hope of something better?
  • The joy of FINALLY becoming in control of your own life?
  • The peace of making life changing decisions from a place of calm and certainty, knowing that your decision is the right one.
  • Are you ready to experience the freedom that comes from making decisions, that create the joy and happiness, you have been chasing your whole life?

Then the 1st thing to do, is set your intentions for 2021.

2nd thing is to ask yourself, “how will I make sure I can conquer any unforeseen challenges that might show up?”

3rd thing is to ask yourself, “what will I do to stay on track with my goals through my self-sabotage programs?”


The answer is by using the TLC Method (Transformational Life Compass Method) that I have been perfecting over the past 20 years.  Join us on January 3rd to learn how to:

Recognize your self-sabotage pattern(s), name them and frame them.

o   Begin tracking what your triggers are (your emotional reactions), and how they take you off course.

o   Start recognizing how your self-sabotage patterns will camouflage itself so that it is not be immediately identified.  Self-sabotages goal is to take you off course from achieving your dreams.

o   Create your own unique “flashing caution light” when your self-sabotage pattern starts to detour you from your goals and dreams.   Get immediately back on course.

o   Name or label your “squirrels” so they are easily recognized.  Stop distractions from taking you off course.


Rewrite your pattern and frame it.

o   Using the TLC Method, rewrite your self-sabotage patterns so that they serve you, instead of getting you off course.

o   Your self-sabotage pattern was originally written to protect, not destroy.  Rewriting your self-sabotage programming, is simply correcting your corrupted programming, so that your dreams and goals become easily attainable.

o   Learn to recognize what your emotions are saying – is this really a fear, or is it anticipation and excitement?


Achieve your dreams.

Using the TLC Method, you decide how to map out your journey.  Day by day; Week by week; Monthly; Quarterly.  You will learn how to track your progress and make course adjustments as needed.

Join us January 3rd – when you sign up, you will immediately begin the process of self-identification and awareness –

From Lisa in NY

“Would be wonderful to meet more like minded people who are aware of the great Shift taking place. Most people I know have no clue. I strive to be patient and keep expressing to my Higher Self that I am ready to meet my tribe. Desperately need to reconnect with kindred souls. It’s so lonely to do this alone!”

Don’t go for it one more year alone.  Join up with like minded people and get that extra encouragement to keep going strong all year.

So why attend this free Zoom call?  Because in your heart of hearts, you have heard a calling.  That soft whisper of the soul, saying this is the year, “to do better and be better”.

Embrace Change.

Dream Big.