How To Answer Your Soul's Calling and Live An Authentic Life...

Sherry Johnson


Your personal rawness and authenticity gives me a feeling of kindred spirits. I feel like you are my dearest friend with whom I can share everything.

However, you must know how extremely profound it was for me to get to speak with you one on one as you shared the webinar introducing your new program "Catch the Wave". It was a real experience in manifesting. For years I've thought, "I would love to work with her. I would love to get to talk with her someday." 

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Instead of viewing failure as suffering, anxiety and stress, 

what if we tried something different?


"You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment."

-Henry David Thoreau

What if we realized that we could simply turn around, swim back out, and catch a new wave? 

What if we swam back out into the ocean of opportunity, and we tried again to catch a wave, that would bring into reality our dreams of what life could be? 

Some dreams would come true fast and easy – the perfect wave.  Some dreams might need a few more tries.  

The lesson is that in our journey of bringing those dreams into reality, they don’t need to create stress, anxiety or suffering in our lives.

Have you ever been so far down the “rabbit hole” that you lost sight of yourself?

Have you ever become so overwhelmed that you couldn’t figure out which way to go to get back to the shoreline?

  • It’s that moment of hearing the loud horn blaring at you to wake up
  • that moment of realizing that you can’t see the shore
  • that moment of pure panic as you struggle to stay afloat
  • that is when fear seizes our heart and squeezes it,
  • It is in that moment, that we begin to understand what’s really important in our life.


"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves."

-Henry David Thoreau

But how do you recover? How do you find yourself? How do you catch that perfect wave?

We begin by uncovering all of our inconvenient truths.  

We start with an honest examination of where we are.  

It doesn’t matter where we have been

It doesn’t matter what failures litter our past. 

It doesn’t matter how or why we are wherever “here” is.  

What matters in this moment is our next choice.  

To make that best choice we have to examine our own personal thorns of truth.


"It is not enough to be busy.  So are the ants.  The question is: What are we busy about?"

-Henry David Thoreau

What do we spend the hours of our life on?  

Do those hours move us closer to our current dreams and goals?  

Are we advancing in the direction of our dreams, or are they so far off in the distance that they can’t be seen?  

What are we busy about?

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What is a Conscious Conversation?

It’s a conversation where we connect your soul’s voice on a LIVE webinar to other soul’s voices. 

Where we turn down the volume of our minds inner voice with all of its fears, doubts, and worries. 

Where we turn up the volume of the heart and soul’s voice, so that our inner compass can point us in the direction that we should be going. 

We will talk about where we feel “lost” and overwhelmed in our life.  We will talk about how we can use our Transformational Life Compass, to map out our dreams and bring them into reality.  

When we do this, there is a synergy that happens.  

Like one voice singing, then adding another and another, a harmony is created that is greater than any one voice. 

When we create this kind of conversation, we can tackle any issues in our life.  We can see possibilities that we were blind to, when we were considering the issues by ourselves. 

We create that spark that flows from the hand of one divine soul to the hand of the next – and that is where the magic happens.

Join Our Next
Conscious Conversation!

(It's totally free!)