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The heart knows a thousand ways to speak

When I look at this quote and picture there is such a bond between the dog and child. You can just feel the energetic connection. Our pets sense our needs so well that it seems as though our hearts are speaking to each other.

I remember as a child I would hold my dog Snoopy and sometimes just cry out my frustrations. I felt like he was the only one who I could talk to about my problems. I knew that my dog was never disappointed in me. He was always happy to see me. I think that he is the reason I remained sane in an sometimes insane childhood.

Our hearts don’t just pump blood throughout our body. They also have their own nervous system that can process information just like our brain. It also is a hormonal gland, producing among others the hormone Oxytocin, also known as the love or bonding hormone.

The heart actually plays a major part in determining the quality of our emotional experience from moment to moment. The heart appears to play a key role in intuition. Although there is much yet to be understood, it appears that the age-old associations of the heart with thought, feeling, and insight may indeed have a basis in science.

So the poet Rumi’s words of the heart knowing a thousand ways to speak is actually true as our heart functions speak to every sense that we have in our body, speaking to our body even more than our brain does. As a source of wisdom, spiritual insight, thought, and emotion it proves that Rumi’s words may well be more than simply metaphorical.