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Hero in Real Life

Stuntman? Jamie Foxx shows stuntman not required, as he played the hero in real life. A car slid on the slick roadway outside of the gate to Jamie Foxx’s home and flipped over. Hearing the crash he called for help, and went to render assistance. Fearing that the car might catch on fire, he unbuckled the mans seat belt and helped him get safely away from the overturned vehicle.

The cops and firefighters arrived and transported the victim to a hospital with major injuries, including burns.

On Monday night, Brad Kyle was able to thank Foxx in person for pulling his son, 32-year-old Brett Kyle, out of a burning wreck after his pickup truck flipped into a ditch in Ventura County, California, the AP reports.


Potter It Forward

An easy to do idea of paying it forward. There is apparently a “Potter It Forward” movement out there that has Harry Potter fans leaving thoughtful inspiring notes in libraries and second hand bookstore copies of the Harry Potter series.

I thought why should we limit it to Harry Potter books or Harry Potter fans? As adults we all had our favorite children’s and teen books we read. What if we put inspirational notes in those books for the children reading them? For the current NY Times bestsellers that we are reading or just finished – what if we put something inspirational in those books?

My favorite Harry Potter quote is “it takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends” – I actually think it takes more bravery to stand up to our friends. That could be a great quote for kids facing peer pressure.

What was your favorite book, either as a child or one you just finished reading? Can you think of a famous quote that might be inspired by the book? Or maybe a quick thought of something wonderful you learned when reading the book?

Next time you are shopping for a book in a store, or checking one out at the library, take a moment and write a quick quote or note and slide it inside a book. It will be like finding a fortune cookie for the person reading the book – tell them to pass it on to someone else in their life they think could benefit from it. Start a movement and make someone smile.