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Stomp Out Bullying

Were you or a close family member bullied, or are they currently being bullied at ‪#‎school‬?

Someone you know could be ‪#‎bullied‬.

Someone you know might be a ‪#‎bully‬.

October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. Marlo Thomas is committed to the belief that no child should EVER be a victim of any type of bullying,,, EVER.

Her program launched in 2005 is having its annual Blue Shirt Day, which raises funds for all of the programs they do with kids and schools. More than 95% of the funds raised are used for the program.

For more information, the website is stompoutbullying.org.


Bullying is never right or funny. I love her responses. She has quite a story to tell about her life. I would love to meet her as she seems to be an amazing woman. I only hope that I could respond like her if this was ever done to me.

A comedian went on TV and viciously insulted a fellow comedian. Here’s her eloquent response.