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Carl Schneider

The Whitney Achievement School has some very special ‪#‎teachers‬, one of them being ‪#‎Carl_Schneider‬. Every day after school he walks many of his students home that live in apartment complexes same distance from school.

It started because the teachers there were concerned for the students safety. But it has turned into an opportunity for the teachers to really get to know their ‪#‎students‬.

They get to talk about what happened in school that day and decompress about any stress they had. They get a chance to talk about what they learned or have questions about in regards to their homework. They are forming a bond and realizing that the teachers at their school really care about them.

These teachers are ‪#‎LemonadeMakers‬ because they are going beyond the job description and helping to forge a bond that will hopefully take these students through college and a successful career.

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