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It really is all about what you choose to see, and I choose to contribute to something bigger than I am and because of that choice, I am doing all of the rest. What is the one line you see here that you choose?


One Choice

“You are always one choice away from changing your life” – Macy Blochoviak

Your life today is made of the choices you made in your past, and with one new choice put into action today, you can change directions is a moment. Don’t cheat yourself or those who are waiting on you to use your gifts. Ask yourself a better question than can I do this – ask what do I need to do to make this happen?


“Sometimes life digs in, hurts, and you end up wearing it like an ugly dress. Fits, but no one wants to see it” – Bob Perks

I loved the description of how we wear how we feel on our bodies. It’s always a choice on how we express what is happening. We use words like coping, dealing, reacting…all words that have a meaning of no choice, when in reality it is all about choice. Use words that express hope for the good things that we have instead, like finding the rainbow instead of the rain.