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In the past month two young girls took their lives because they couldn’t stand the torment from their peers any longer. They lost hope. They both expressed the thought that the attacks would never end. They put a bright face on and said they were fine, but they both posted to the internet images that told you they were not fine. The teenagers involved in the torment seem to have the pack mentality of hyenas where they locate the wounded animal and attack relentlessly until the animal has died from their injuries.

As parents we need to wake up to what our children are doing. Who their friends are; how they talk about others; how they treat others. Open up the compassion that they are expressing after these girls have taken their lives, to being expressed every time they see someone being bullied, whether it is physical; emotional; verbal – online or offline. Give them the courage to stand up and protect those less fortunate than themselves. Teach them how to lend a helping hand instead of a stomping foot.

We need to teach our children that love and respect are not just shown to those who are like us; it needs to be shown to every living being.


Compassion is “come” “pass” “on” – come and pass beyond. I really liked that one, because when we excercise compassion we are allowing whatever is happening to pass beyond us, the water off a ducks back.
Our vibrations consists of the combining of our thoughts, beliefs, interactions and memories. What we are vibrating from determines how much we are receiving from source. One thought can bring us a step higher.