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Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is something that we can all give to our children (& the other significant people in our lives): Praise them by giving a compliment for any achievements (find something everyday); Encourage them by expressing belief in their abilities & potential; Support them by showing that you are on their side by being present, listening & expressing compassion when they have a bad day; Feedback by helping them to see another perspective on something that they didn’t see.


“The most wonderful gift one human being can give to another, is in some way, to make that person’s life a little bit better to live.” – John Assaraf
It is funny how often I think of a compliment & then forget to pass it along, but remember to complain to anyone who will listen about something that irritated me. I am trying hard to pass along the compliments and keep the negative commentary out of my heart and mind.