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RIP Sam Sarpong

It is so sad when someone so young (35 yrs old) and talented/successful ends their life. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends as they deal with this tragic loss.

I am sure that more will come out as they investigate, but suicidal depression is something that can happen to any of us. It is so important that when the dark thoughts come to us that we seek out help. We present these masks to the world that everything is good and fine, but sometimes those masks slip. So if you ever see that someone you know is slipping into this dark despair about life, help them see how wonderful they are, and encourage them to get help.

This was the post I saw that I think said it best by Wilmer Valderrama, Actor/Director/Producer

“I am so sad & so confused.. Sam did it all, believed in dreaming bigger than anyone around him.. We made memories together that will last us forever, thank you for sharing your talent with me and the world.. You were a light everywhere you went and I couldn’t be more proud of the journey you traveled.. You just left us too early Sam.. We will miss you and pray for you.. Once again thank you for all those years you dedicated to our show, we couldn’t have done it without you! Find your peace my brother! And to everyone in a dark place.. PLEASE, please talk to someone.. Anyone.. Trust me that we WILL listen.. You are not alone, there are so many people that feel the same darkness, let’s help one another, let us shine hope on all those that need our understanding!! Reach out to someone and make your first step towards living a life you deserve. My prayers and heart are with family and friends that were blessed to know his beautiful soul ‪#‎RIPSamSarpong‬ ”