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My heart broke for Reshma when I read her story. Imagine walking out your front door. Your older sisters estranged husband and two other men attack you. They push you down to the ground and pour sulfuric acid on your face causing extensive damage. Your sister tries to help and suffers burns on both of her arms.

When something like this happens you ask yourself why? Reshma asked what could she do to help others. What could she do to bring awareness to the public, so that sulfuric acid is no longer sold in the makeup department for the price of a lipstick.

She is known as #‎BraveBeauty‬ because she is bravely bringing attention to these horrible crimes that happens in India, Bangladesh and Cambodia. She is putting a face to the crime. The crime seems to be only against women. Some are liking it to rape. In her case the family thinks it was related to how pretty she was before she was maimed. I believe that she is showing the world that the real beauty is what is inside.

They have created a petition to change this because every day a woman in India is being attacked in this way. Last year 309 acid attacks were registered in India. Activists say that hundreds go unreported. The video in this attached link was produced by the group Make Love Not Scars‬ and the hashtag ‪#‎EndAcidSale‬.

See more: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/10/world/asia/with-red-lipstick-indian-acid-attack-victim-makes-a-bold-statement.html?_r=010524706_1230192540329176_788890686966793679_n