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According to Guy Finley, our character is our destiny. This is a different teaching than I have heard about before. Usually most teachers tell us that we are born with a destiny that we are supposed to fulfill. So we spend time searching for this magical thing that we that were born to do.

If this is true, then it means that we can make our destiny be anything, because we can change our character in whatever way is needed to live out that destiny.

When we have children we¬†try to instill certain qualities so that they have a good character. This past weekend my niece with her two children came to visit, and we had an excellent example of this as my two granddaughters were so excited to play with their cousin that they shut out the neighbor girl that they play with every day. I don’t believe they meant to be cruel, but the results were the same. We had some tears as we explained that we should never treat anyone like they were not wanted as that is very cruel, and how would they feel if they were her?

In today’s world we often see that some of the qualities that resonant with good character are in short supply. Many in the efforts to provide for their family might feel pressured at work to cut corners and so damage their integrity. It always starts with a small thing, but those small things seem to grow into larger and larger things until we realize one day that we have ruined our good character.

Taking this back to destiny – we can take any dream that we have and it can become our destiny – the key to living a fulfilling life
1) We can transform our character to have the qualities needed to fulfill that destiny;
2) We can use these good character traits to help us go beyond any perceived limitations to fulfill that chosen destiny;
3) We can take all of life’s lessons experienced so far and use them to bring us forward in our development of ourselves to fulfill this dream/destiny.


Destiny. Everyone has one, but some let their destiny happen to them and some pursue what they want their destiny to be! What about you? Your destiny is the dream that lies within you and the things that we choose each day are what lead us to that destiny: Our actions or lack thereof, our words, our attitudes, and our relationships. They all add up and shape what we reach as our destiny.