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Most of us operate from the belief that effort is the same as accomplishment. We put in countless hours at work, trying to keep up with the workload and feel unappreciated. What is interesting is that if we had to come up with one real accomplishment, we wouldn’t be able to name it.

We are like the hampster on the wheel, looking good to ourselves because we are keeping it spinning, but we are just going nowhere fast. Being busy and being successful do not correlate to each other. At some point in our life we wake up and wonder what we are doing.

We know we are not where we planned to be, but the truth is we (at least me anyway) really never had a true destination, we just followed the road where it was leading us.

So what do you do when you wake up? Plan something, anything and then implement it. I always liked Jack Canfields description of the headlights on the car driving down a dark road, you can only see so many feet in front of you at a time. Look at what you see and actually make a decision about it and then implement it. You may change directions once you get a ways down the road because you determine that this road will not take you where you want to go. U-turns are ok!

The important thing to remember is that later you will find that the road you went down will provide you with information that you needed, you just didn’t know it was part of your foundation. If you are like me, you may not know exactly what you are building, but it is fun, it is exciting, and you are learning great things along the way. Much better than just running on the hampster wheel!