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“Excellence is…caring more than others think is wise; risking more than others think is safe; dreaming more than others think is practical; expecting more than others think is possible.” – Winston Churchill

When you really believe in someone, you give them permission to think big. To open themselves to the possibilities and because of your belief they begin to believe, and suddenly that mountain in front of them becomes a hill with a gradual slope. If you think that I can do it, and she thinks I can do it, then I begin to believe I can can do it. And if all believe in each other and expect 6 impossible things before breakfast, who knows what we could do together?


“The first time you accept ‘good’ is the last time you will see excellence.” – John Ulmo

Don’t settle for good enough. Go for excellence, and wow factors, and woot woots! and miracles and…you get the picture – trust your wings and fly!