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Facebook Experiment

I am conducting an experiment. I was having a conversation with my assistant about my writing a book. I have been gathering the past couple of years of posts to see what might be included in the book. She was talking about my writing and how good she thought is was.

I said that I wasn’t that sure that people really liked my writing because I have almost 750 friends here on FB but I get so few likes or comments, that I didn’t think that it appealed or meant much to most people. I know that a few of my friends say that they like my writing, but I didn’t think that it speaks to the majority.

So Jacqueline Davis says that it is because of how FB works. If you are not liking or sharing or commenting to someone’s posts, after a while you just don’t see those posts any longer. So probably the majority of the 750 friends don’t see what I write.
So here is the experiment. If you read this post either comment or like the post so I can see how many people actually have this post come up on their feed.

If you feel so called, I would welcome any ideas on what I should include in my book (based on past posts).

Thanking you in advance and hoping you will say something if you see this.