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Set Aside

“Bob, you keep talking about not having a formal education and using it as an excuse for getting poor results.” He then said, “Those are only reasons why you’re not getting what you want. Set those aside and start to focus on all the reasons you can get what you what.” – Bob Proctor

Setting aside the reasons why “you can’t” and then focusing on reasons why “you could” – love this reframe!

We all have that list that we made subconsciously as to why we hold ourselves back. It is because we realize that the reasons why we can, come with changes that we will need to make in our life. It is easier to list out every reason that we can think of that supports “we can’t” than it is to realize that if we make a change here or there, that maybe “we could”. Making changes is scary. Our mental chatter will tell us that we could be making a mistake; that we could fail; that our changing will hurt our relationships with others, and so on. It is just fear talking. Acknowledge it and move past it. It is all smoke and mirrors.

Then comes the 2nd issue of belief. We find it so much easier to believe and support someone else with their goals, than we find in ourselves the same belief and support that we too can achieve our goals. Believe in yourself and that you can accomplish great things!

Then comes #3, the education and with that the action that needs to be taken once we understand how to start making progress with those same goals. Inside ourselves we have deep wells of talent and ability that are just waiting to be drawn up to the surface. When you draw up a bucket full of talent and ability, there only remains the reasons “why” you can get what you want.
Lastly comes the “passing it on”. Once we own that knowledge and “walk the talk” putting it into action, then comes the sharing of that knowledge with others. Just as the answers were inside of us, just waiting for the action to bring them to the surface, so it is with everyone. They just need to be shown how to access it.