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Ultimate Goal

“People who see their dreams come to pass are people who have resolve and backbone. They are the ones who refuse to settle for the little victories along the way and see themselves at the finish line, instead continuing on, pushing on toward the ultimate goal. No one wants to be mediocre. You are made for so much more. Realize that what your mind focuses on, it can achieve. It is up to you. Pay attention only to those silent whispers within that say ‘You can do it!'”       – Linda McLean

Pep talk for myself today. This quote came from a story of how this company in the Swiss Alps takes people on a hike up the mountain as a group. About halfway is a restaurant that they stop at to eat lunch. The story said that about half of every group will quit the hike at that point because they are satisfied with reaching that height, and lose their gas to continue on towards the goal of the mountain top.

I think that this happens to a lot of us. We see some progress and stop to enjoy it, take a breath and then we can’t get started again. I know that a couple of years ago I was getting up each morning and running. I had been doing it for a month or two and got one of those colds and stopped running while I was sick. Or so I thought at the time. What happened was that I couldn’t get the drive back that had got me started in the first place and I ended up with no running and a bunch of excuses.

Resolve and backbone – what this means to me is that I need a big enough why for the goal so that when I want to stop I can say, no. I can’t stop because …., and it is a big enough “because” – that my butt gets out of bed and out the door to what I need to be doing. I can celebrate the little victories as long as I still have the urgency of doing, and I remind myself that this victory is mediocre and I am going for the gold! I can do it and so can you!

Ambitious Goal

“Most people are not going after what they want. Even some of the most serious goal seekers and goal setters, they’re going after what they think they can get. Set your sights higher.” – Bob Proctor

When you visualize (if $ was no object) your perfect life, do any of your current goals bring any of it into reality? If not, you’re playing it safe. Start a new, really ambitious goal today.