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“The work of reclaiming your life begins with realizing that giving it away just doesn’t work!” – Guy Finley

This is what I was trained to do at an early age, as were many if not most of us. Our parents teach us to have good manners, so we open the door for others, and give the toy to another to play with that we wanted to play with, we give the biggest piece of pie to our sibling or friend, and so on. None of these things are wrong and good manners is important. But what it sets up is a way of thinking that for us to be happy we give away what we want most. We live the life that makes everyone else happy.

Then one day we wake up to the fact that in giving away our life, we gave away ourselves, our soul. The devil didn’t buy it with a contract to give us our biggest dream, we simply lived our life for the happiness of everyone but ourselves.

Once we wake up, we have two choices. We can continue down the road of giving our life away, or we can choose to reconnect to who we really are. Reconnect with why we came here, and choose to begin living that life. The life that releases our souls desires and works to bring them into reality. Everyone will say that you have changed, but the truth is that you just woke up to who you are.

The great thing is that once we allow ourselves to be who we really are, the little rubs that we had with everyone in our life melt away. The irritation wasn’t because the others had habits or attitudes that rubbed us the wrong way. The rub was there because we didn’t really fit in the skin that we were living in. Once the shock of the changes you make settles down, you will find that everything in your life fits better because you finally fit better!