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“Growth demands a temporary surrender of security” – Gail Sheehy

Growth is one of those things that very seldom feels good as it happens. It is when you step off the edge of the cliff and trust that you will be given wings to fly. It is exciting and scary at the same time. Sometimes you are growing from choice – going away to college, moving to a new town, getting a new job, starting your own business. Choices that take you out of your comfort zone & away from what you know. Other times growth is not your choice, coming from an ending of something like a death or divorce. It always pulls the best and worst out of us, setting us on a new journey & destination. The journey is where the growth happens. Enjoy the journey of growth and transformation and like the butterfly grow your wings to fly.


“One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.” – Abraham Maslow

To be alive, nature shows us that we must grow. To grow we need to face our fears. With each new shoot of growth we have, we reach out toward the unknown. If we let our fears rule, instead of a glorious life of ups & downs, we have an wasted existence.