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Hero in my Book

Both Walter Lewis and Rock the dog, are hero’s in my book. Walter woke up to get a drink of water, and noticed his bulldog was barking downstairs. He was running up and down the stairs, and apparently the dog never went upstairs.

He went downstairs to investigate and discovered the house was on fire on the first floor. Waking up his family, he got them out onto the roof. Calling for help, he finally got the courage to jump off the roof and get a ladder to help save his family.

My son inlaw has a fear of heights and I have seen him break out in a sweat just thinking about it. Facing a phobia is a hard thing to do. Thank goodness he was able to rescue the family. Tragically the dog didn’t make it out.

Like most everyday hero’s he doesn’t think that he is one. “That’s a big word to use for me when I’m not a hero. I’m just an ordinary person that would help anybody, but this happened to be the time when I helped my own family. I live to protect my family, and that’s what matters. Just like Rock, he lived to protect us.”

Man Claims he is not a Hero

At 14 he is already a hero

At 14 he is already a hero. He smelled smoke, saw the fire and grabbed a fire extinguisher and ran over to the neighboring apartment. When he saw his disabled neighbor struggling to get out of the apartment, he rushed over and got him out of the building.

The 62 yr old neighbor said his dog was still inside, so he rushed back in and found the dog and brought him outside too. Then to be sure no one else was still inside the building, he went back in a 3rd time calling foranyone that needed help.

The firefighters said that he instinctively did everything that they are trained to do. He said he learned about the physics of fire in school. It is clear that a future firefighter has been born.

See more:  http://www.nydailynews.com/…/calif-teen-saves-62-year-old-d…

Good Samaritan

Thank God that Ivan Smith is not a bystander. When he saw a car crash into the gas station pumps across the street he sprung into action just like a ‪#‎super_hero‬.

When I read this I thought about how many times I have driven by a stranded motorist because I am afraid as a women to stop and see if they need help. Many years ago I took a class about self-protection and they had a story they shared about how this woman would stand by her car like it was broken down and then when a ‪#‎Good_Samaritan‬ would stop her boyfriend would come out of hiding and rob them. I wish I never heard that story as I have let it prevent me from seeing if people need help if I am driving by myself. It turned me into the “‪#‎bystander‬” hoping that someone else more capable will help them. It took away my power.

What is your instant reaction when you see someone that might need your help? Do you spring into action, or is there something that keeps you rooted in place that needs to be released?

As Mr Smith ran across the road, yelling for help, he saw the 90-year-old driver calling for someone to help his wife. Even as the flames went higher, Mr. Smith knew that they might only have moments to live if the gas tanks exploded. Mr Smith was joined by several others in his community in pulling them both away to safety. The elderly couple are now in the hospital safe with only minor injuries.

A nomination for “recognition of brave acts by certain persons” has been forwarded to a committee of Fire and Rescue NSW, Armidale station commander Wayne Zikan said. Armidale police have also been inundated with calls for the civilian rescuers to be nominated for bravery awards.

I for one would vote for him to receive a hero’s reward. And a thank you from me for getting me to realize what has been holding me back, so that I can release it. I don’t want to spend my life as a bystander.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/save-my-wife-bystander-heroes-in-dramatic-car-fire-rescue-20150930-gjxss9



Hero is such a funny word. When we tell someone they have been a hero, they will always something that sounds like, I’m not a hero – I just saw something that needed doing and did it. We always think that the actions of others are heroic, but never our own actions.
We think that heroes are people who do something dangerous to save a life; but we forget about all of the 100’s of “ordinary” things that we do each day that are also true actions of a hero. Being there everyday for our friends and family to support them. The money that we donated to a nonprofit that helps people; the clothes that we donated to Goodwill; the food we donated to the foodbank, and so on.
These small acts are also the actions of a hero to the person that receives them. Celebrate the heroes in your life. Let them know how much they are appreciated. Be a hero youself today, even if it is just a smile – that smile might just save a life!