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“True ideas have a life of their own; their higher energy elevates the life of whoever welcomes their healing presence. False ideas require one’s energy to make them feel momentarily real, causing energies to be drained.” – Guy Finley

This is how you know that something is your idea, your dream and not someone else’s. The idea “floats your boat”. You don’t have to psych yourself up to it. It doesn’t appear and then disappear. The energy of it elevates you to a higher vibration all by itself. 

It is the difference between the helium in your birthday balloon and the air in the hot air balloon. The helium is short lived, it dissipates, it isn’t renewed. The next day it isn’t hugging the ceiling anymore and by day two it is lying on the floor.

The hot air balloon by contrast could take you around the world. It is renewed and it elevates you to a height that allows you to see where you want to go. If you need to go lower you can, you can guide it (subject to the wind of course) in the direction and heights that you want.

It means that on Sunday night you aren’t wondering if you are coming down with the flu and should have a sick day at work. You can’t wait for Monday because it means that you are going to be spending the day living the life you love – just like you did all weekend. So if you are having “Manic Mondays”, “Terrible Tuesdays” and “Weeping Wednesdays” maybe it is time to find that idea that elevates you into space. See you there!