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Flames of Resistance

“Agreeing to walk into the “flames” of resistance is the only way to find real and lasting freedom from their illusory nature.” – Guy Finley

Smoke and mirrors – that is what resistance is. Our mind is putting up the things that we are afraid of, to keep us in the same comfortable space. Whether we would be successful or fail, it doesn’t care – because either way we will experience change. And our mind hates change – period.

You are shown a wall of fire, which is the fear talking. As you psyche yourself to walk through it, the flames expand from a small barrier to take up the whole hillside and your mind is screaming to run. You can feel the intense heat, hear the crackling of the flames as it races down the hill towards you and you start coughing from the smoke being blown towards you. You know it isn’t a real barrier, but to our limited vision at the moment, it feels all too real. 

But if we can take a hold of courage and walk through the illusion of fire, on the other side of the “fire” is flow, fresh energy and the knowledge that you need to succeed. Want to go on a “firewalk” with me?