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“You must strive to become much less susceptible to influences outside of yourself and much more inclined to trust the instincts and feelings that lie within you.” – Bob Proctor

It is really hard to trust that deep inside you know the answers. I second guess my decisions. I look at how friends and family will be affected by my choices. I have used them as excuses to not make a decision that really was scary. What if I make a decision to go for something and then fail? If that failure caused emotional or financial distress to my family, and I make it and then fail, then I am not only failing myself, but I am hurting them for no reason other than my selfishness of wanting something different than I already have.

It takes great courage to reach for the stars if you feel that you are being bound by the needs of others. It isn’t that any of them are acting as an anchor by putting pressure on me, as it my own insecurities reaching out grabbing at any available hook to keep me bound to where I am.

When you go into the deep silence of yourself and listen to that voice, you know that you have to go for it. I have spent too many years rooted to the slow and steady progress of building a career, and while it scares me to death, I know that I have to reach out to those stars and not let anything hold me back.

It is the big dream that moves mountains and changes the hearts of those you touch. I have one of those dreams. I have to trust the instincts and feelings deep inside my heart. This vision is too important and vital to be put on a shelf. This vision is bigger than me and will enroll everyone that I tell it to, because I am willing to live this vision.

This vision is my turning point, and it is changing the course of my life. And while it scares me more than anything I have ever faced, I am committed to bringing it to the world. And if it changes the world even a fraction of how it has already changed me, then it will be worth the price of admission.

I believe that all of us are more powerful than we think we are. I believe that we all have the courage to bring into reality the grandest vision of ourselves. And if you need some courage to bring your vision into reality, I will lend you some of mine. And when I start having second thoughts, you can lend me some of yours, and together we will master the courage to change ourselves, and the world into the grandest vision of hands reaching out to help each other.

And so it shall be, and so it is.