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“Ordinary people believe only in the possible. Extraordinary people visualize not what is possible or probable, but rather what is impossible. And by visualizing the impossible, they begin to see it as possible.” Cherie Carter-Scott

I have never been one of the crowd. I have always felt different. When I was young it felt lonely that there wasn’t someone else just like me. As I grew older, I was actually proud of it, because one day it occurred to me that the reason I made┬áthe changes in my life is because I was different. I wanted to be more, do more, see more than the other women that I knew.

While I would not consider myself ordinary, I also have never thought of myself as extraordinary – just weird and happy with being different.

I love the thought of how when you visualize the impossible it becomes possible. It reminds me of great science fiction writers like Jules Verne. When we wrote about submarines and diving great depths into the sea, no one had invented how those things could be done. His imagination written down on paper, and read by young men sparked their imaginations to visualize that what they were reading could be possible, and so it was.

What if what Felix Baumgartner just did, jumping from a space capsule 71,580 feet above the earth is how all astronauts re-enter to earth?

And what if we all started today imagining a world where Malala and any other female has the right to education without endangering their life?

And what if we all started today imagining a world where no one ever experiences such torment as Amanda Todd, to where they feel they have to end their life?

What if we all imagined a world where we all had the kinds of courage that these three individuals expressed, to make great strides into the future – to a world where we have the freedom and ability and support to be the best that we can be? All three of them told their story, Amanda showed great courage in telling her story; Malala stood up to tell her story knowing that it could end with her giving her own life; Felix did something that no one thought was possible.

What kind of world would you like to bring from your imagination and into reality?