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A ‪Pizza delivery‬ person helps a man she delivers pizza's to

‪#‎Lee_Haase‬ lives in Ham Lake, Minnesota. He is 76 years old and lives on social security. Due to a storm his former home is not livable. He had no insurance, because he couldn’t afford it. So he moved into a small 12 ft trailer that looks like it is also falling apart. He has no running water, no heat, no bathroom, no stove, no refrigerator. It is unbelievable that he has been living this way for five years and through the cold winters in Minnesota with no heat.

‪#Dominoes_Pizza_delivery‬ person is going all out to help a man she delivers pizza’s to. She didn’t know how bad his situation is until when she delivered him pizza and he was shivering with cold. She went right out and bought him a space heater, which blew his electricity out. 

She realized that winter was coming and with the conditions he is living in knew that something had to happen. She believed her community would step up to make a difference. And she is right!

Bless you Angela for being a true ‪#‎angel‬ on this earth. It is very doubtful that he would have made it through another winter without your stepping in to make a difference. You restored his in faith in humanity and ours. You are a true #LemonadeMakers

See the full story here on the ‪#‎go_fund_me‬ account she set up.