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Lemonade Maker Debbie Allen

Debbie Allen is a LemonadeMaker. Like many other LemonadeMakers, she created a foundation called “Shelby’s Rules”, after her daughter died. She is working hard to educate teens of the dangers of alcohol poisoning, to prevent other families from losing their children to it. If the other girls with her had called for help, her death could have been avoided. They didn’t realize the seriousness of what was happening with Shelby, and thought she just needed to sleep it off.
Shelby Lyn Allen was a 17 year-old 11th grade student. On the first night of Christmas break in 2008, Shelby and her friends started drinking. Shelby became violently ill and was semi-conscious when her friends left her propped up over the toilet. When she was discovered the next morning, she could not be revived.
In the aftermath of this tragedy, Debbie began asking questions. Talking with other teens, she realized that most of them had no clue that drinking just a few too many swallows of an 80 proof alcohol, like vodka, can kill you. As unfair as this seems, if you are a girl, your risk is increased by variables such as fluctuating hormone levels and smallness of frame.
Debbie also realized that most adults have no clue about the dangers of alcohol poisoning. Everyone knows that excessive drinking can make you sick (praying to the porcelain god) or have you make a fool of yourself (dancing on the table). Maybe you will even suffer a nasty hangover. But letting a friend “sleep it off” can easily turn into them falling into a deadly coma or vomiting in their sleep, and choking to death.
Once alcohol poisoning has begun the only effective treatment is to get the poisoned person to a hospital emergency room, provide breathing assistance as needed and provide IV therapy (nutrients). Most importantly, this care must be provided immediately to be effective and because of the possibility of brain damage every minute counts. Alcohol poisoning causes the brain to shut down vital organ processes, including breathing. If your breathing stops, your heart stops, you die. By all accounts, if breathing is assisted by intubation (breathing tube) the body will rid itself of alcohol and you will survive.
Shelby’s untimely and ultimately preventable death has devastated Debbie’s family. Shelby made poor choices that night, but those choices should never have led to her death. It is the hard truth that despite our best efforts to protect them, in the end our teenagers safety, their very lives can come down to other young people knowing when and how to ask for help.
If you have teenagers, please get this film to help your teens understand the dangers of binge drinking. “The Unconcious Truth” is now available on DVD and at tyla.org. Contact TYLA at 800-204-222 ext. 1529 to request a copy. This is a film that highlights the dangers of teen binge drinking – perfect to incorporate into high school and community alcohol education programs!

Carl Schneider

The Whitney Achievement School has some very special ‪#‎teachers‬, one of them being ‪#‎Carl_Schneider‬. Every day after school he walks many of his students home that live in apartment complexes same distance from school.

It started because the teachers there were concerned for the students safety. But it has turned into an opportunity for the teachers to really get to know their ‪#‎students‬.

They get to talk about what happened in school that day and decompress about any stress they had. They get a chance to talk about what they learned or have questions about in regards to their homework. They are forming a bond and realizing that the teachers at their school really care about them.

These teachers are ‪#‎LemonadeMakers‬ because they are going beyond the job description and helping to forge a bond that will hopefully take these students through college and a successful career.

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Stomp Out Bullying

Were you or a close family member bullied, or are they currently being bullied at ‪#‎school‬?

Someone you know could be ‪#‎bullied‬.

Someone you know might be a ‪#‎bully‬.

October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. Marlo Thomas is committed to the belief that no child should EVER be a victim of any type of bullying,,, EVER.

Her program launched in 2005 is having its annual Blue Shirt Day, which raises funds for all of the programs they do with kids and schools. More than 95% of the funds raised are used for the program.

For more information, the website is stompoutbullying.org.