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“A person needs a little madness, or else they never dare cut the rope and be free.” Nikos Kazantzakis
Yesterday I posted a picture with a rope that was about to break with the caption that read “feeling like you are at the end of your rope is a very good sign. It means that whatever you have been clinging to is dissolving. Only then can something new and wonderful reach you.”
This quote from Nikos takes this same thought from a different perspective. You can be the one that cuts the rope instead of waiting for the rope to break. There is a thought process that the universe will open a door for you when it is time to expand. What “normally happens” is the universe puts an open door in front of us, and because we are afraid, we walk by the door and don’t go through. So then the universe turns up the heat a little and opens another door, and still being bound up with fears, we walk on by, but now we are limping. Now the universe is lighting a fire underneath us, and opening a new door of opportunity. Those same fears are now crippling us, and we crawl by the door, wanting to enter, but we are “sure that it is not possible”. We have a whole list of reasons why it can’t be done. Then the universe, tired of our caving into fear cuts the rope and we hit bottom. Our choice at this point is to enter the door, or bound up by the crippling fears, staying at the entryway unable to move,
Instead, we can be a “little mad” and cut the rope and have the freedom to knock on the door of opportunity before it even comes into view.
I think that those who are “ahead of their time” do this. They peer into the future and see what the rest of us can’t yet see, and then bound ahead to take advantage of it. They are the ones always at the forefront of innovation and change.
We don’t have to wait for the universe to cut our rope, and we don’t have to wait until it frays apart. We can join the adventurous among us and get a pair of binoculars – peering into the future, we can chart our own course of change and expansion. We can become part of an “Adventure Club”, and saying Jambo go off on a mind expanding, invigorating adventure to create our own reality. Be a life changer instead of a life reactor – cut the rope and be free to roam about the country!