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True Makeover

Some thoughts from Guy Finley – How would you feel about your day and yourself if you:
1. Help to make the life of someone else go a little easier in spite of it making yours go a little harder.
2. Do that one thing which needs to be done even though there’s nothing in you that wants to do it.
3. Refuse to criticize yourself — or anyone else — for not living up to your expectations.
4. Give no voice — either within or without — to any part of you that wants to complain about anything.
5. When you’re absolutely sure that you can’t take one more step… test your conviction.
6. Take one difficult moment and use it as a place to start all over instead of as a time to sink into self pity.
7. Right in the middle of feeling as though the weight of the whole world is on your shoulders, look around for something else that you might carry.
8. Step out of the tide of some seemingly powerful personal event by seeing that moment as being only half of a complete cycle.

Every single one of these thoughts take you out of your personal drama and stretch that box that you currently live inside. Every single one of these thoughts make you a better person if you complete the thought with action.

Just think of how your life, your family’s life and the community that you live within would change if each of us just for a month followed through on these thoughts. You would change yourself and your world in unbelievable ways. That would be a true makeover!