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Passion & Purpose

“There is no passion to be found playing small, in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” – Nelson Mandela

Passion and purpose are interlinked. And they come from the gifts or talents that you have – those things that you take for granted as being so simple. Playing small means that we aren’t using those talents to their full capability. Sort of like singing in the shower, but not in the choir. If you have a beautiful voice you should be sharing it with others, even though you discount your talent to yourself. That is the fear talking. I am really getting in touch with the thought that anywhere I have resistance, I have fear that I need to take out hiding and look at. Why am I afraid, whats the worst that could happen, and just do it anyway.


Know your passions. Then find a way to regularly incorporate your passion into your daily life. Discovering your passion dramatically increases happiness. I have a friend with an opera training class. Listen to her talk about her work and the training that they just completed.

“It is the mission to train the whole person. Not only do we teach the usual techniques (voice, acting, dance, languages), we discuss how to make a living with one’s art. We are the only opera training program to my knowledge with a full course combining NLP and business skills with a mission to lead a balanced life. And it is the dedication to creating a nurturing space where participants give themselves the permission to discover their genius. The best part though, was that every single participant told me that TOP had taught them more than they had ever dreamed – if not changed their lives. And they all said that they would come back in a heartbeat. I am so proud.”

You can hear that she is passionate in making a difference in their lives and so it makes a difference in hers.  What do you talk about that literally floats you up into the air that you are so happy? What are your passions?