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“Don’t tell your problems to people, unless they’re directly involved with the solutions.”

Ever talk with someone that gave you too much personal information? They begin every sentence with “you’ll never guess what just happened” as they look at you tragically? When you can finally escape you are so drained, you want to get a nap? Are you that someone too? Are we just venting or are we cuddling up to the problem as though it is a close friend? Is the truth that we don’t really want a solution because the problem is making us feel important? I think that we can all get caught up in this trap. If we are really interested in finding a solution, then it only right to talk to someone who might be able to help. Start trying to catch yourself before you start “latest tragedy”, and ask – am I looking for drama or a solution? It will take a little while, but you can begin to catch yourself and change your conversation.