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Self Correction

Guy Finley had a great article on the difference between self improvement and self correction.

None of us want to be wrong. When we find ourselves having any kind of personal problem the natural inclination is to hide from the issue. But when we hide from the problem, we are also hiding from the solution. Real change can only take place outside of the shadow of pride. Since all personal difficulty is born out of a lack of understanding, what we must do is gain knowledge of the situation.

This is where the article was interesting. Remember how none of us ever want to be wrong? Yet at the same time we wish to grow and develop into a better person by solving our personal problem(s). This is where self improvement seems to fall short, because we have incongruent minds. Since we didn’t want to be wrong, we simply “add” in new knowledge, behaviors and beliefs, while retaining the old ones. Sort of like trying to get a pail of muddy water clean by adding clean water. We are just diluting the original problem, because what we really needed to do was remove the muddy water and then fill it up with clean water.

With self correction we add a step in which we remove what we had been taught incorrectly, letting go of the incorrect thinking or behavior and then we have real growth happens.

I really appreciated the distinction, because as I look back I can see where I have just added new knowledge and I am still carrying around old patterns because of it. A great clarification for me personally!