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Greatest Good

The greatest vision of myself is possible by aligning not to the highest good, but to the greatest good.

The difference is the same as playing small or reaching for the stars – the highest good is playing it safe, coloring in the lines, and doing the “best” that you can. It sounds like a good thing, but is in fact a cop-out as you walk down a well worn path that thousand before you have walked. “oh well, she is doing the best she can, with what she knows and has” kind of life. This is not the kind of life that I want to look back on when I am moving on to the next great adventure.

The Greatest Good is blazing a new trail, that will involve coloring outside the lines with color combinations that no one else has ever tried. There will be mistakes, failures, as well as mind blowing successes. It is not just a life well lived, it is a life that you lived in every second, wrung every ounce out of, that you can look back at and laugh in triumph – emphasis on the “umph”.

This is the kind of life that I want to live, and I want every women I know to live this kind of life. Reaching for the stars and helping others to see “what else is possible” kind of life. Come with me, hold my hand, and lets see what kind of life is possible when you go for the Greatest Good with Umph!