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There is a story that is told about 3 men who were working on a project. Each was asked what they were doing. One said that he was hauling rocks; another that he was building a wall and the last man said that he was building a cathedral.

Each man was working on the same thing, building a cathedral, yet each had a totally different perspective and attitude about his job or employment. The first man who was hauling rocks had a job that paid the bills, that was his whole interest and attitude about it. The 2nd man had a job putting up with things, and the last man was the only one who had a real objective to which he was working – he was building a cathedral. He may have hauled rocks and built walls, but he knew his real objective.

What is your perspective about your career, your family – what is your real objective? Are you a slave working to cover the bills or are you improving someone else’s life and making the world a better place?