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‪#‎Yoobi‬ is a company that sells school supplies and has a buy one, give one philosophy for everything it sells. In their first year they had sales of $20M and they were able to provide more than 1 million children with free school supplies. This goes a long way in todays ‪#‎underfunded_schools‬.

This is a similar model to ‪#‎Toms_Shoes‬. This is really going to help both the students who get the supplies and so many of our school teachers who spend up to $1,000 a year buying supplies for those students whose families can’t afford paper and pencils.

When Yoobi comes to the school they host giveaway events and they drew the attention of Usher who recently teamed up with the company to help design a limited edition school supplies collection. This is a great example of social enterprise.  ‪#‎Usher‬ helps the ‪#‎social_enterprise‬ company and gives something special to these children. He also helps to promote his own personal brand as a social enterprise.

The company’s social give back comes from a very heart centered place, as the founders mother was a teacher that used to pour her own money into buying school supplies. That is the critical piece to have a successful social enterprise – authenticity.

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