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“The greatest way to live with honor in this world is to be what we pretend to be” – Socrates

Pretenses can be exhausting. Just look at the reality shows and at how unhappy and messed up those people are. You have the nice house, but it needs luxurious furnishings, then the fancy car, the expensive education; the great job; the most well behaved children who are all honor roll students; and on and on. They usually end up with a father who is never home because he is working to support a lifestyle and not a family; a broken marriage; house lost in foreclosure or someone committing suicide. Who needs that kind of stress?

What if we all took off the mask of who we represent ourselves to be and just lived our life as who we are? Why are we are all afraid that if we just be ourselves that no one will love us? Isn’t it funny that we “all” have the same fear?

The “reality” is that we are all human, and just as we sometimes make mistakes, we also have this tremendous ability to forgive and to love someone from deep in our soul and make miracles happen. Here’s to having a miraculous life!