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“Give your stress wings and let it fly away” – Terri Guillemets
One of the ways according to Terri to give your stress wings is to know and live your purpose. I had never thought before about how not living your purpose would be giving you stress, but it does.  
So make sure that if you are not living your purpose because you don’t know fully what that is, that you make it your purpose to find out. And if you do know what your purpose is, that you start fully living it today so that you let can that stress fly away. tell it to go south for the winter and then north for the spring, then east for the summer and west for the fall – keep it in flight far, far, away! You’ll exhaust it that way and it won’t have time to fly around your head and fill it with negativity. When it shows up you can say, don’t you have somewhere else you are supposed to be?