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Isn’t this the truth, that life tests us with nothing and everything? I was thinking of the time when I was looking for work and putting out feelers and nothing was happening, so of course I was stressing out that I would never find work. Then all at once I get multiple offers, and then I was stressing out on how to decide which one was the best job.

So many things are like this – feast or famine. Like the teeter-totter we are down on the ground or high up in the air = but never evenly balanced. Balance in and of itself seems to be something that we are always chasing after – an elusive butterfly that lands on us for a moment and then flies away. 

Sometimes if feels like balance just eludes us – and it is usually because we are not living in the moment. Instead we are buried under the weight of our past, or we are busy digging a new grave out of what might be happening in our future.

Instead, wouldn’t it just be so nice to live in this very moment – with this breath – letting go of the past (which you can’t change anyway) and not projecting fears into our future. I love the Mark Twain quote “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.”

I think that living in the moment, is the moment we have balance. It isn’t that fable that we all believed of work and home life balance, or being wonder woman with being the perfect employee, the perfect wife, and the perfect mother. Most of us who tried that remember what the fall of burnout looks like – it is not a pretty picture.

Balance, is remembering to just take in the breath and check in with ourselves. From moment to moment we can bring it in and just enjoy it. Hahhhhh, I was reading an article today that said it takes 10 breaths to ground and that is exactly how we achieve balance. Allowing in those deep belly breaths and grounding. Hahhhh, then we are connected to our bodies and receive in the earth mothers energy to recharge us.