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Butterfly Effect

The butterfly effect says that a butterfly flapping his wings in the jungle can affect something the other side of the world. It you were to look at this as a matter of perspective, it would mean that an act viewed by yourself as inconsequential in fact has consequence.

They have made a number of science fiction TV show episodes and movies that play off how a seemingly random act, in fact has purpose and results in an action of consequence. So if you were to look at the actions that you take in a day and place them in order of importance, what you would learn is that in fact all actions have importance. When you really know and understand this simple fact, then everything in your life will change. You will begin living a life of “permanent purpose” according to Andy Andrews.

When you live a life of permanent purpose, you realize that everything you do is important, and that you do in fact effect everything that you come in contact with. Like a butterfly flapping his wings, each action affects the next one. Have you seen the television commercial for Liberty Mutual insurance were a person sees an act of random kindness, and then that person does an act of kindness, which is repeated by another person and so on? This is what happens when you live a life of permanent purpose. The commercial calls it living responsibly.

It means that you realize that no one that you come into contact with during your day, no matter how random, is unaffected by the fact that you became part of their day. Therefore there is no act that doesn’t matter. The commercial started with a woman leaving a coffee shop and moving the cup at the edge of the table in, so it would drop off. A simple act that through being repeated in the commercial ended with a woman saving a man from injury when a stack of heavy boxes almost topples on top of him.

If you begin today living your life of “permanent purpose”, it will make you a better friend, a better spouse, and a better parent. It will make you more successful in any endeavor in your life, because all decisions that you make will come not from the place of what’s in it for me, but from what’s in it for we?