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Poppy Seeds

Listening to a CD today about relationships. The story was about a husband who loved to eat a poppy seed bagel every morning that he would toast and put cream cheese on, and then proceed to drop poppy seeds all over the kitchen floor as he ate the bagel.

Each morning his wife would clean the floor, not saying anything. One morning she was having a hard day and was grumbling about the poppy seeds and thought how can I never have to clean up the poppy seeds again? Then it occured to her that fulfillment of that wish might mean her husband had died. This terrified her and she ran to her husband in his home office crying and told him how much she loved him. She then turned around this annoying habit he had into something positive. Now every morning as she wipes up the poppy seeds she smiles to herself because it means that she has one more day with him.

I thought about this story and how it applies not only to our personal family members like my noisy grandchildren when I am trying to concentrate, or having to endure one more sporting event on TV with the guys in my family, when I have a million things to do. It applies to the car that cuts you off; to the rude clerk who doesn’t understand what customer service is; to that coworker who you swear would crack their face if they ever smiled.

The reality is that each and every person in our life would be missed if they weren’t there with their messy lives, living in our messy life.

How many people who have lost loved ones either from death or they just dropped out of their lives wouldn’t give anything to hear their noise again as they played, or yelled when their team made a great play?

Coming from a place of gratitude for the messy life we have turns the mess itself into a wonderful life full of blessings. Isn’t that a better way to live, from a place of blessedness? Tell those special people in your life how grateful you are that they are a part of your life, and go ahead and laugh joyously at the mess that you create together!