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A Night to Shine

Calling it “A night to shine” Tim Tebow and his foundation are organizing hundreds of proms throughout the world for people with disabilities. Last year his foundation helped plan 44 proms in 26 states and this year they are going all out to beat that record.
According to People magazine, the SEC Network analyst and former NFL quarterback has already confirmed 200-plus proms in 48 states and eight different countries for people with special needs in 2016.
“Every time I think about it, I’m so humbled and amazed by the way God has continued to grow ‘Night to Shine,'” Tebow told People. “I can’t wait for February 12th; it’s my favorite night of the year.”
This is the kind of news that we should be celebrating. We should be rewarding those who use their fame and fortune to make the world a better place, instead of giving news coverage to those that take advantage of it with bad behavior.

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