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A Courageous Conversation?

Are you brave enough to speak out loud the conversations that you have inside of yourself late at night when you are all alone?

How do we have a courageous conversation about the tragedy’s we have faced in our lives?  Some things just seem too devastating to turn from a negative to a positive experience.

How can we be honest with ourselves and others, around such things as overcoming addictions or similar problems?

What if we are trying to make positive changes in our lives, and we have “no one” in our lives to support us in making a life changing transformation?

Come join us to have a conscious,

courageous conversation

around change and transformation.

Please note that we on having ongoing conversations, so keep checking back for our latest dates.  You are welcome to attend all of our free webinars.

Attending ones you have already heard is also a great idea.  Every day we change in some way.  We adjust our filters, we see or hear things that we previously didn’t notice.  So even though we will be basically covering the same material, by attending all three webinars you will get the maximum benefit from them, as you will get new things each time.


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