Monarch butterfly life cycle

"Transformation isn't about improving, it's about rethinking." ~Malcom Gladwell

A caterpillar grows out of a larva. At some point it reaches the end of its growth cycle as a caterpillar. No amount of food is going to let it continue to grow and expand. There is only one way to continue to grow into what it knows in its blueprint that it is supposed to be, it has to enter the chrysalis and transform into the butterfly.

Alice in Wonderland

The same is true for us. At some point we have reached the full growth of our current mindset. We are like Alice in Wonderland, and we have outgrown the room. We see the next part of our journey, but we can’t fit through the door. It is time to transform. There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That is when it all begins.

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”  George Eliot

The caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland, asked a very important question.

“Who are you?”

It is a question that we should ask ourselves. Not just once, but many times.

Who am I?

Alice and the Caterpillar


The reason to ask this question is that as humans, we get ourselves stuck in roles. The favorite daughter, the popular cheerleader, the wife, mother, best friend, etc… The misfit, the black sheep of the family, the trouble maker, the one that never fits in, no matter where she goes. The damaged child who becomes the drug addict or alcoholic, or has a never ending string of relationships that all end badly. So many possibilities, for so many roles. But really, if you take off that mask, “who are you?”

Who are we deep inside? When we remove the masks? When we step out of the family (tribal) role we play in our immediate family? When we step out of the person that everyone thinks we are, but we know we are not? When we follow the pain, back to the beginning, “Who are we?”

We need to uncover that person, because that is the beginning of transformation.

"Sometimes the heart knows things the mind could never explain." ~ Ran jeet

Fantastic background and door of heart.

As humans, we don’t enter into a cocoon or chrysalis, we enter into the heart. Here is where all of the answers are. We step inside and begin following the path to who we are. We step down into vulnerability, going down another level to honesty, all the way down to the soul level. There you will discover all of the stories that you have told yourself. One of the hardest things is to realize that most, if not all of them, are not true.

“It’s not that some people have willpower and some don’t. It’s that some people are ready to change and others are not.” James Gordon

Wonderland series - It's late

So is it time to get curious? According the Rabbit, we are late.

Have you noticed that your life is becoming stagnant? Are you hitting road blocks with huge boulders? Have you said to yourself, today I am going to change? Did your interior voice say back, “that is what you say every day and every day nothing changes. You are not brave enough to change; or strong enough to change; or smart enough to change; or stupid enough to do it anyway? What if, instead you got curious about what is really holding you back?

Is it time to say enough”? Is it time to get curious about the four “C’s”? Being Curious about your Choices and your Chances leading to your lasting Changes (or as we like to call it your “transformation”)?

Wonderland series - Drink me room

Curiosity - it is the key to transformation. It is the key to the locked door. It is the way to find your way home, your true north leading you to your destiny.

It starts with an awareness, something that catches your attention out of the corner of your eye. You turn to see what it was and it fades away like smoke (or was that a white rabbit with a timepiece?). So you start looking for it everywhere you go, and being curious you start looking for it in unlikely places. It builds a desire in you, and you start asking questions. You begin to learn more about it and recreating your life around what you learn.

Choices – “I wonder why? I wonder what? Every day we have a choice as to how we are leading our life. We can shed old beliefs, practices and ways of living to become something new. There is a balance to be sought in not becoming hypnotized by the “shiny objects”, running from one adventure to another and never completing the needed transformation.

We don’t want to make the mistake of just making surface changes, moving the pieces of the chessboard around but never completing the game. That is getting caught in the smoke and mirrors of illusion. Our inner self will hide behind the curtains if we allow it. It will create stories to hide the truth of what is occurring creating illusions of change but without any real impact.

Chances – we need to take chances or leaps of faith in order to keep on the path of self discovery. Taking chances to step outside the box of what we think we know, to what is possible. To leave behind the “knowledge” of the caterpillar, to discover the beauty of transformation to the butterfly.

Which leads us to change or transformation. To take the flight of the butterfly into the unknown. To be welcomed into Wonderland.

Welcome to wonderland

junge attraktive Frau am StrandReady to jump down the rabbit hole and discover what transformations are waiting for you?

Get curious and learn how to let go of the patterns that have been holding you back and are no longer serving you.

Go into self reflection and learn how to truly experience self love and self trust.

Find your passion and purpose in life.  Go on your own heroes journey and discover your unique personal genius.

Become a true leader aligned with wisdom and courage to truly benefit others.

A Courageous Conversation?

Are you brave enough to speak out loud the conversations that you have inside of yourself late at night when you are all alone?

  • How do we have a courageous conversation about the tragedy’s we have faced in our lives?  Some things just seem too devastating to turn from a negative to a positive experience.

  • How can we be honest with ourselves and others, around such things as overcoming addictions or similar problems?

  • What if we are trying to make positive changes in our lives, and we have “no one” in our lives to support us in making a life changing transformation?

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