Transformational Compass 3-Part Course


Learn How To Use Your Inner Compass To Navigate Your Life Path And Discover Your Life’s Purpose



“Your soul is a compass.  Change one coordinate in your spiritual compass and you change your entire life’s direction” – Caroline Myss

Using our Transformational Life Compass®, we will be examining the three rings of our life compass.  When we listen to our inner compass, we are listening to the soft, still voice of our soul.

“The inspiration you seek is already within you.  Be silent and listen.”  – Rumi


3-Part Live Webinar Series…

Part One, we will be discussing our “Entelechy Essence” the outer ring of the Transformational Life Compass®, which is reflective of how we show up in the world.  This encompasses your family life, your lifestyle, your work etc . . . ,

Part Two, is the middle ring of The Transformational Life Compass®, our Kairos Still Points, which is about our inner self.  This is the place of our ego and our spiritual awareness of who we are, our interior awareness.

Part Three, is the inner ring of The Transformational Life Compass®, our Chreodes.  This inner ring has five gates, which match up to the five elements of Stone, Metal, Water, Fire, and Wood. Each of these gates act as a barrier to protect entry through the master gate to our soul’s awareness.  Understanding each of these five gates, helps us to navigate with our compass in directing our life to fulfill our life purpose, our divine destiny.


“Your inner voice always knows what to do, but it is a quiet voice.  You can only hear the whisperings of your inner voice, your inner compass – when you turn down the volume of your fears, your regrets, your resentments, and the fear-based advice your neighbors are so willing to give.”  – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Each of these webinars builds upon the other, to help us learn to trust that everything we need is already inside of us, to fully realize our divine truth and life purpose.  We just have to turn down the volume of our minds fears, and listen to our souls voice.  By knowing who we are down deep inside, and living that truth in the world, we learn to trust that we can do the work required.

These webinars are designed to help you figure out where you are now.  Just like the maps they have in a mall, you will be able to identify “you are here” and where that “here” is.  Then using the tools we will discuss throughout all three webinars, you will be able to chart out using our Transformational Life Compass® (like a “life GPS”) where you want to go and how to stay on course.

Each of the compass directions (North, East, South and West) are tied to our physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional well being.  Each direction has a light side and a shadow side, and part of our journey together will be about finding the balance of using light and shadow to live our life purpose.  It is really about letting life live through you.  To develop, trust and nurture your own inner compass and not to try to live your life by someone else’s compass.

In approximately one week we will be sending out the scheduling email, along with some homework.  Please try to watch the video, or read the material, or listen to the podcast as this will assist you in getting the most out of each webinar.  They will each be two weeks apart, so that you will have plenty of time to do the work.  We will also be sending you links for your bonus’s and an invitation to a private Facebook group, so that we can communicate as a community throughout the webinar series.

Lastly remember (since I believe that no journey is complete without getting lost, passing by the street we were supposed to turn on and having to do a U-turn and having to stop and ask for directions), these two quotes:

“Not all who wander are lost”  – Gandalf,. J.R.R. Tolkien, Lord of the Rings

“Even if you are lost, it does not mean your compass is broken” – Anthony Hopkins, The Edge

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