Think Beyond The Chair

When you are a ‪#‎LemonadeMaker‬ great things come your way. Heroes live among us. They put on their capes everyday, Sharina’s just happens to be a wheelchair.

When ‪#‎Sharina_Jones‬ was yrs old she was shot by another child, leaving her a paraplegic. Instead of being a victim, she made it her life mission to help those in third world countries who need wheelchairs through her non-profit “Think Beyond the Chair” and motivating others through her blog, Push Goddess.

Now Sharina Jones finds herself on the other end of receiving. She recently became pregnant and needed a way to make her dream of a wheelchair being stroller friendly. Asking around for solutions she heard about how some universities are working with high school students to give them college-level STEM research projects, so she contacted them for help.

True heroes have a way of inspiring others to become hero’s. To a true hero every detail counts, every second is important. They are willing to face a challenge, because they just don’t know how to give up. Kane earned his cape with this project. With this journey he joined the ranks of true hero’s because a positive impact and change was created.

‪#‎Alden_Kane‬, a 16-year-old high school senior was assigned to Sharina’s project. Kane worked for several hours after school every day for six months to come up with the device — drawing plans, making prototypes and testing out different materials. What began as 15 potential designs were slowly whittled down to just one.

Sharina says Kane’s stroller has given her a great deal of freedom, allowing her to shop at the mall, use public restrooms and go for walks with her son, all while knowing he is safe and secure.

Sharina said. “Kane’s a great kid. He is going to be an amazing engineer.” Kane’s plans for the future include studying biomedical engineering or aerospace in college next year. And the teen hopes to patent his design and pursue having it mass-produced by a major stroller or wheelchair company.

“That’s really the end goal here,” he said. “It’s great to have served Mrs. Jones — as one person, it’s had a great impact on her life. But imagine the impact that it could have on hundreds or thousands of lives.”

So LemonadeMaker Sharina actually gave birth to two – one her son, and one Kane, the inventor – being birthed into a LemonadeMaker, whose invention will go on to help countless others. Who knows how many new inventions he will go on to make, now that he truly understands how thrilling it is to have an ‪#‎impact‬ on another person’s life.

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